Rob’s Rib Rub review by National Barbecue News

We are happy to announce that our rib rub got great reviews from the National Barbecue News magazine —not only for ribs—but every meat they tried!

“We used this stuff on a ton of different items but found that it indeed rocked everything pork we tried it on. …Our test ribs, pork steak, and pork loin were fit for any competition. Also, know that because this concoction is ground really fine that it can be used as a dry marinade if left on the meat long enough before cooking.”

We’ve included an image of the review below… click on that to see the real deal!


National BBQ News Magazine reviews Rob's Rib Rub

What type of Smoker?

So there are all different kinds of smokers:  gas, electric, pellet, charcoal, etc.


I would be curious to hear your thoughts as to which is the best type of smoker, and why. As for me, I prefer an electric smoker. To me, an electric smoker is the easiest to use. I load my meat and wood chips in, turn the dial to the temperature that I want, then I walk away and come back when the meat is ready. Presto!! I know that I’m giving up the “smoke ring” that one can achieve with a charcoal or pellet smoker, but does the smoke ring really make a difference in the flavor?

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